• 3D-Drahtbiegeteile


    3D wire bent parts

    Combine complex ideas in high-quality steel springs and a wide range of materials with state-of-the-art 3-D-CNC wire bent machines and the result is individual precision products made of either stainless steel springs, brass wire, or bronze springs, only to mention a few of the materials available in our catalogue.

    Contact us and let our advisors support you!

  • Druckfedern - Technische Federn


    Pressure Springs

    The usage for car doors, adjustment mechanisms, vent valves or valve springs, as well as screw pressure springs is unlimited. We offer custom-made springs as prototypes and make-to-stock production in small or large quantities.

    To calculate the pressure spring specifications please use the Quote Request pdf-form.

  • Zugfedern - Technische Federn


    Tension Springs

    Drilling machines, fret-saws, angle-grinders and Bosch tools have tension springs from our product line. Our competent and experienced team can meet all your demands and present you with a perfectly fitting tension spring.

    For calculating or choosing the correct loop and joining elements please use Quote Request pdf-form.

  • Schenkelfedern - Technische Federn


    Leg Springs

    Used for clothes-pegs, mouse traps, or optical measuring devices in aerospace technology Schwerdtle leg springs are an integral component of these small essentials.

    Inform us about your requirements and we will manufacture custom-made with the precisely fitting spire/turn spacing, winding diameter, as well as material and form of leg.

  • Sprengringe - Technische Federn


    Retaining Rings

    Whether for safety rings in machine construction or for the exact positioning of construction parts in the automobile industry, the retaining rings from Schwerdtle are produced in high-quality steel wire for springs.

    Contact us and we will find the right product in our catalogue or arange customization according to your needs.

  • Kunst und Schmuck aus Federstahl


    Art and Jewellry

    You're looking for something special and at the same time inspired by technology? Then you will find the right ideas here. Be it an individual piece of jewellry, art work or a small series as a company gift, we manufacture art and jewellry made of various manterials. You will find a detailed list in our catalogue.